BREAKING: Man Allegedly Punches Pregnant Deaf Woman, Shoves Her Service Dog On Airplane (VIDEO)

Breaking story of a service dog allegedly "assaulted" and her pregnant deaf human punched in the stomach.


BREAKING NEWS:  This video has just surfaced showing a deaf man, his pregnant deaf fiancée in the midst of a fight with another airline passenger. The deaf man and his fiancée claim that the passenger shoved their service dog and then punched the pregnant woman.

Matthew Silvay, the deaf man, is in the aisle of the plane on Frontier Airlines Flight 1752. Silvay is visibly enraged after Timothy Manley allegedly shoved his service dog Zariel. Manley doesn’t deny pushing the dog.  He did so because his wife his “allergic to dogs.”

Silvay’s fiancée, Hazel Ramirez, said her fiancé  “yelled at the man to tell him ‘never touch any dogs or service animals,’” echoing what she says her husband tried to tell Manley in sign language.

“She didn’t do anything to anyone,” Ramirez said about her dog. “The man punched my dog’s face.”

Ramirez said the service dog was “hurt and scared for her life.”

“I pushed her away,” he told ABC News, saying he did so because of his wife’s allergies. “I wouldn’t call it a punch.”

The argument dramatically escalated in the aisle of the plane and then spills into the airport terminal. At that point, Silvay blocks the aisle making it difficult for passengers to leave.

According to the police report Manley “punched [the dog] with a closed fist,” that caused Zariel to yelp and take cover under a seat.”

Allegedly Manley punched Ramirz who is 20 weeks pregnant in the stomach and touched her two small children.

“They were physically blocking the door,” Manley said.

In the video shot by Manley’s son, Silvay is seen  shoving Manley who falls to the ground. There is complete chaos, kids are crying, people don’t know what to do.

“Unfortunately, the man [was] determined to leave so he ran through and punched my belly, then pushed my two daughters; they fell and cried so hard,” Ramirez said.

Manley disagrees stating:  “It’s funny and hilarious that I would have punched her,”

Silvay admits to tackling Timothy, saying that he did so to detain him until the police arrived.

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