Brave Dog Makes Miraculous Recovery After Going Through Hell

Every milestone has been a miracle!


The story of Harris is yet another proof that love and devotion work wonders. When this sweet soul was first spotted on March 16, 2019, he resembled a corpse. Those who found him didn’t even know whether he was alive or not, as he was only skin and bones and his whole body was covered in open wounds.

Luckily, the good Samaritans did the right thing bringing Harris to the people who are known as true animal lovers and rescuers with lots of successful stories of saved lives under their belt.

During the first two weeks Harrison was fed with a help of a tube and his condition was so severe that even the staff of Stray Rescue weren’t sure whether he would be able to pull through or not. But it seemed like the love and the care he was getting didn’t let him quit fighting for his life.

Only after a week spent in intensive care, the brave dog was able to eat and drink all by himself. And that was a good sign that things would finally start getting better for him. Unfortunately, he got pneumonia and his breathing was heavy. But he managed to overcome that, too.

Stray Rescue said, “He is truly our miracle in the making.” And we do believe his recovery was indeed a miraculous one.

Sweet Harris stood up on his feet three weeks after he was surrendered at the shelter.

He was determined to start walking again, and on April 11, he finally did it. His eyes were all sparkles when he realized he could make steps, and we couldn’t be prouder. Harris is a real fighter.

Barking and running followed, and Harris finally resembled a real dog.

Although he’s still recovering, we have to admit that his progress so far is incredible. Take a look at the whole story in the video below.

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