Boy In Wheelchair Took Everyone’s Breath Away In Governors’ Charity Steer Show

So heartwarming!


The arena erupted in cheers!

One 11-year-old boy named Alec Gotto, unfortunately suffers from a neurological disorder which paralyzed him at a mere eight months old of age. Stricken with transverse myelitis (swelling of the spinal cord), it greatly saddened and shocked his family. Growing up, Alec’s disorder has never stopped him from doing things he had always wanted to do.

Alec Gotto and his family lives on Century Farm, where they raise more than 200 heads of Angus on a 700 acres wide field. Since the boy was little, he loved cattle and became an enthusiastic exhibitor of the Angus beef species cattle. His dad, Chad, refers to his son as a ‘cow whisperer’ due to the innate connection that his son has with the cattle he interacts with.

Alec then competed in The Governors’ Charity Steer Show solo, where everyone was stunned by his amazing act. The scene was quoted as “one of the most memorable, inspirational and emotional moments ever witnessed” by Doug Bear, director of industry relations for the Iowa Beef Council.

During his performance, Alec had led a 1,400-pound cattle which he had named John Deere. The two of them even won the People’s Choice Award! Alec was more than able to move his wheelchair around for his act just by turning his head – his wheelchair was equipped with sensor pads. The steer was attached to Alec’s wheelchair by zip ties, and the animal walked by Alec’s side perfectly the whole time!

Watch the amazing scene in the video below!

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