Blind Opossum Was Attacked By Buzzards, But A Couple Came To Her Rescue


The opossum was entirely defenseless..

Georgette Renner and her husband were taking a walk together one afternoon when they discovered a blind and orphaned baby opossum whose mother had been killed by predators. When they stumbled across the opossum, now named Lucky, it was under attack by Buzzards. Georgette Renner and her husband rescued the defenseless critter by shooing the birds away. The attack had damaged the opossum’s ears, face, back and tail. Her body temperature was dropping dangerously fast as well.

Lucky was rushed back into their home as she needed medical attention ASAP. Renner and her husband carefully treated Lucky’s wounds, fed her some baby formula via a milk bottle and kept her warm in blankets padded with heating technology. Lucky would even cry out when she’s hungry!

Lucky’s road to recovery was a tricky one, as the couple had realized that Lucky’s eyes wre permanently damaged, leaving her blind. Due to her blindness and her inability to survive in the wild on her own, Renner and her husband adopted Lucky permanently. Lucky even recognizes their scents now!

Watch Lucky in action below!

Today, Lucky seems to be settled into her new home and has became familiar with the surroundings of both her house and backyard. She enjoys spending time outside, often spotted finding a good spot to burrow herself in. However, when she’s indoors, Lucky enjoys snuggles – with her new owners!

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