‘Blind’ Cat Finally Opens His Eyes

One woman spent weeks trying to help him — and she received the best reward ❤️


He was thought to be blind…

Carmen Morales, the founder of Animal Friends Project, first found Cotton on the streets of Florida as a stray. When he was found, Cotton was hungry and was in a lot of pain due to the severe mange on his body. His mange was so serious that it had spread throughout his entire body, including his eyes.

According to Morales, Cotton could not even open his eyes due to the mange on his eye area, hindering his ability to find food to survive. Morale has fostered many sick rescue cats over the years, so she set up a quarantine ward for Cotton in her bathroom. There, she fed Cotton regularly and treated him with various antibiotics. Initially, the mange made Cotton very uncomfortable and itchy.

But as days passed, Cotton’s condition began to improve gradually and he was able to rest without scratching himself a lot.

Although Cotton could not see, he instantly trusted Morales and was patient enough to allow Morales to apply ointment and coconut oil ton his body everyday. Cotton also looked forward to seeing Morales for loving pets and his meals.

A few weeks later, Cotton finally managed to open his eyes, revealing his unique blue and hazel eyes. Morales and the vet both thought that Cotton was blind and was pleasantly surprised that he could see.

Just 3 months after his rescue, Cotton had recovered fully and became a healthy cat.

Cotton had formed a special bond with Morales and would follow everywhere around the house, even sleeping by her side at night.

Although Morales had received several applications from potential adopters, she couldn’t bear to give him up and decided to permanently adopt him as a part of her family. Cotton now lives happily with Morales in his forever home.

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