Billionaire Trophy Hunter Kills Endangered Black Rhino With No Regrets, And U.S. Allows Him To Import Body Parts

"For trophy hunters, the rarer the animal, the more valuable the trophy is, and the greater the prestige and thrill of killing it."


The devastating truth about wildlife is that many animal species are on the verge of extinction because of poaching. Poachers kill great number of rare animals each year either for their horns or fur. Rich people on the other hand mostly hunt rare animals for pleasure. Recently, people from the States got raged because of the killing of a black rhino. These animals are critically endangered and only around 5,500 remain in the world. Unfortunately, instead of driving them back, this fact makes these species even more attractive for the killers.

The billionaire and trophy hunter Lacy Harber, 81, got a permit to kill the animal through an auction organized by Dallas Safari Club after he paid the Namibian government $275,000.

Harber who is the owner of the Harber Wildlife Museum believes that he is now considered a hero by the Namibian Government for ‘saving’ the black rhino for it was already too old and kicked from his heard. He assured the animal welfare groups that the rhino had already “attacked and killed two females and three babies” and then added, “If you don’t have a use for an animal, if it has no value, it’ll just disappear.”

His plan is to bring the carcass of the rhino in the USA and display it in his museum along with the rest of the animals he and his wife killed. Although thousands of people are against Harber’s will to do so, the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service permitted him to import into the States the body parts of the dead animal.

A representative from the Humane Society International said, “We call on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to support the conservation of critically endangered black rhinos by keeping them alive, and not permitting trophy hunters to kill them and import gruesome ‘prizes’ into the United States. Allowing trophy hunters to kill black rhinos will take a severe toll on their populations, already under immense pressure from poaching.”

Over the years, the HSUS and Humane Society International have been instrumental in establishing key protections for commonly trophy-hunted species like lions, leopards, and elephants. As for the permit discussed above they say, “We are making it clear to the FWS that we will not stand by and watch while they cater to a few wealthy trophy hunters who hunt rare and endangered animals abroad for the thrill of it and who do not represent or speak for a majority of Americans.”

The trophy hunters also target giraffes as rare animals, which puts them on the list of endangered species.

A great number of Americans, more than 80 percent of them to be exact are against hunting wild and fight against the controversial laws of the USFWS that allow wealthy people kill for pleasure.

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