Biker Sees A Little Dog Being Abused On The Highway And Pulls Over

He was just out for a ride and never expected to see him getting abused. He knew what he had to do...


Abandoned Puppy Story: In December of 2015, James decided to hop on his bike and go for a long ride — but this was no ordinary adventure. Along the way, James came to a point when he was all alone in the middle of nowhere.

Suddenly, his eye was caught by a cardboard box sitting upside-down on the side of the road. James caught the following footage on the camera attached to his helmet.

When James stopped his bike to inspect the box, he was shocked by what he found inside: a small abandoned puppy. James was 10 miles from the “nearest anything,” so this puppy didn’t stand a chance had it not been for the hero cyclist.

What makes it even more heartbreaking is seeing how friendly and affectionate this puppy really is — and the way he gazed up at James, begging to be saved. What kind of monster could dump an innocent animal like this?

So imagine being an abused dog left for dead out there. It’s unthinkable that anyone would force a dog to go through that, and yet, it happens. But fortunately for one such Texas dog, luck came rolling in on two wheels.

Brandon Turnbow, a biker from Burleson, Texas, was out riding on Highway 171 when he spotted a man beating an innocent white dog on the side of the road. Brandon was shocked as he watched what was happening in his rearview mirror.

After the guy threw the dog to the curb and drove off, Brandon first “went after the guy just to give him a number one sign,” Brandon wrote on Facebook.

Then, Brandon turned his bike around and went into full hero mode. The Texas biker snapped the white pup up on the spot, saving his life and giving him a second chance. Brandon wrote about the meeting: “And I now have a co-pilot—Meet Mr. Davidson.”


With Mr. Dadvison secured on the back of the bike, the duo rode Brandon’s beloved Harley for the rest of the day.


“Well looks like my co-pilot has found peace,” Brandon wrote on Facebook. “His belly is full and he found the pillow.”

Brandon was so touched by his experience with Mr. Davidson that he started a non-profit organization called Baaang Bikers Against Animal Abuse National Global. He put out this message to all bikers: “Let’s all join together to make this happen on an epic scale. I know there are a lot of bikers out there that love animals, so how would you like it if we sent bikers to collect abused animals near you?”

When Brandon isn’t riding his motorcycle, he’s singing and writing songs. In fact, rescuing Mr. Davidson inspired him to write a song about his new best friend. Check it out below.

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