Big Newfoundland Saves Girl From The Scary Ocean Waves

I'm so glad the camera was rolling for this - just wait until you see his rescue! ❤


For this Newfoundland, a day at the beach quickly turned into a rescue mission when his beloved human sister took a tumble in the ocean. One minute they were frolicking happily in the water, the next he was diving in like the bravest of lifeguards. Thankfully, Mom had her phone nearby and was able to capture this adorable “mission” on camera. Now people all over are calling this overly protected pup a hero for his quick thinking.


According to PetMD, Newfoundlands make a wonderful family animal. The site says that as family dogs go, the Newfoundland breed is one of the best options out there. The Newfoundland is incredibly patient, fiercely loyal and will put up with even the most energetic of children (even if they’re not running alongside the child themselves). Newfoundlands get a glowing recommendation from several top pet sites as one of the best-suited breeds for children or those who want kids in the future. It’s important to keep in mind that, while they make great family pets, these giant puppers are a little messy. They shed, drool and love to cuddle – so if you can’t handle slobbery snuggles this dog might not be the right choice for your family!


Fortunately, this massive pup was nearby when a big, bad wave knocked the girl off her feet. She went giggling into the water, but the pup’s mission was clear: he was to rescue her right away! In an instant, the dog grabbed the girl’s shirt and gently pulled her to safety. The caring pup even made sure to stop every few feet to make sure the girl was still doing okay! Mom couldn’t believe her eyes as their brave Newfoundland “rescued” her daughter. Take a peek at this sweet moment for yourself in the video below. It’s clear everyone is safe when Doggy is on beach duty.

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