Stubborn Dog Refuses To Get Off the Bed Until Mom Says the Magic Word

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Every dog out there has its favorite thing or activity that makes them get out of bed in the morning. Many are into taking long walks in the park and hanging out with other dogs, whereas others enjoy playing fetch or playing with their favorite toy.

Some, like adorable Dug from the animated Pixar’s movie “Up” gets really enthusiastic when the word “squirrel” comes near his ears. The fun thing is that there is another dog, a real one, who shares Dug’s antics.

Max is a retriever who enjoys taking long afternoon naps on his human mommy’s comfortable bed.

He loves that so much that he won’t leave it for anything. Although he discovered the beauties of the soft mattress just recently, it quickly became his favorite place in the house.

Why would he sleep in his own bed, or do any other activity, such as running around, or playing with balls, when he can rest all day long.

The video of Max is just hilarious. It’s fun how lazy he seems to be. Unwilling to move a muscle, he refuses to accept anything his mother offers in exchange for her comfy bed.

She tries everything that crosses her mind. From politely asking him to get off of there by saying “Come on you big baby, come on,” to bribing him with a bunch of sweet treats. But, nothing seems to be working.

She eventually comes up with the right strategy.

Once she says the word “squirrel” lovely Max is off like a shot. Has he seen the movie of Dug or there is something about the tiny and adorable squirrels that dogs find appealing is yet to be discovered. The important thing is that mommy can have the rest she deserves in her bed that has been occupied by her four-legged baby.

Check out the video below. It will definitely put a big smile on your face.

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