Beautiful Black German Shepherd Is Spotted on Side of the Road in a Kennel

The poor dog was waiting for his owners to return.


Have you ever stumbled upon an abandoned animal? What was your reaction? Did you overlook the frightened creature or you approached and tried to gain its trust?


The thing is that animals that find themselves dumped at unknown places are terrified and puzzled and probably untrustworthy towards humans, so getting closer to them isn’t as easy as we think. But as leaving the animal there isn’t an option, of course, maybe the best thing to do is alert animal rescue groups of the situation.

Recently, one traveler named Richard Jordan came across an abandoned black German Shepherd placed next to his kennel on the side of the road. The person tried to get the dog out of the kennel but the dog refused to exit as he was waiting for his owners to return. Sadly, he didn’t know he was simply dumped.

In order to learn more about the dog, the person shared the photos on Facebook, hoping someone would come forward with valuable information. The animal was an expensive one, so leaving him there was strange.

Not knowing what to do with the petrified canine, the man who found him brought him to a rescue center where it was determined that Borel, that’s his name, had a microchip and belonged to a breeder.

As the story of Borel has been seen by many people, his rescuer posted an update saying the dog was doing just fine and will be returned to the breeder who sold it to the family that later abandoned him. This time, we hope he will end up with a much better family that will take great care of him.

The video below shows some useful tips and tricks that you can use in case you find an abandoned animal. The first and most important thing to have in mind is that the animal is probably scared so don’t make any sudden movements that can scare them even more.

In case you manage to get closer, lure them with food. If the animal is found by the side of an open road, make sure they don’t run towards driving vehicles and get hit or killed.

And if you own a pet, please make sure you microchip them. That way, those who will find them in case they go missing will contact you.

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