Bear Cub Meets Skunk For The First Time Ever

In case you wondered, this is exactly what instant regret looks like!


Animals are pretty amazing. They are huge part of our life and seeing different species ‘hang out’ together is very interesting to watch.

This time, we get to see how the unplanned encounter between a bear cub and a little skunk ended. Well, knowing what skunks do in order to protect themselves from predators, you are probably assuming that the video of the meeting would be a hilarious one.

The sweet bear got into one woman’s yard and was curious enough to explore the place when it stumbled upon the unusual creature. As the bear got closer, it was surprised of why the skunk didn’t run away, so assuming the tiny animal was friendly and wanted to play the poor bear got even closer not knowing what the skunk was up to.

Having its tail high and stomping on its front legs, the skunk was getting ready to spray. The bear was totally confused by what has happened and by the awful smell that filled the air.

Well, at least this bear learned not to get close to strange creatures ever again.

The skunk fled leaving the new ‘acquaintance’ wondering what he got himself into.

What do you think ?