Bear cub climbing a cliff starts to slide down, but she won’t gives up



This little fighter knows that giving up is never an option, no matter how tough things get. The bear cub teaches us that we should be persistent whenever we want to achieve our goals, no matter how many tries it takes.

The baby and her mommy were about to climb a pretty steep cliff during the harsh Russian winter. The snow is everywhere around them and it makes the climbing even more difficult.

As the mother goes through the snow, making a clean path for her baby, the little cub does her best not to fall behind. But no matter how cautious she is, it’s quite diffucult for her to keep up with her mommy.

At some point, we can see the bear cub getting dizzy and slipping through the snow. Although our hearts missed a beat, we quickly felt relieved to see the baby bouncing across again. But now she is pretty distanced from the mother bear that continues climbing without realizing her baby is lagging behind.

The poor baby’s paws are still tiny and she can’t grip the snow as much, and on top of it, she is way too young to endure the rough conditions so she is almost out of stamina. She clings to the cliff in hopes not to fall again.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happens, and the bear cub slips down at serious speed. Thankfully, she somehow regains some strength and miraculously manages to grip onto the edge and not to fall to the bottom.

Now she starts climbing back again, but the same thing happens. She slips again and that’s when the mommy tries to offer a helping paw and catch the cub, but to no avail. The little bear starts sliding right back down the mountain.

The baby’s will of steel helps her keep going so she clings onto an exposed rock and she eventually made it back to her mother.

It’s amazing how this young bear was so determined to reach her goal of climbing the steep cliff.

Take a look at the lovely baby bear. We hope she will inspire you to never give up and always achieve everything you put your mind to.

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