Beagle Excitedly Welcomes Owner Home — After 18 Months

Just listen to the cries of this pooch. ❤


The Beagle was so happy!


As both dog owners and animal lovers, we all are able to relate to that joyous moment once we walk through our door after leaving home for a couple of hours or even days – only to find our precious canines waiting for us. They would happily wag their tail and bark out of excitement while giving you slobbery yet typical canine kisses – whether you  welcome it or not! This is simply one of the ways our dogs show their love for us, after all.

When we are gone for an even longer and extended period of time, the anticipation of reuniting with you can almost be unbearable for most dogs. They may appear somewhat lifeless and would even lose their daily gleam in their eyes – one dog’s love-gaze is only reserved for their loving owner and pack leader. This was exactly one Beagle did.

One beagle had not seen his dad, Nick Tzekos, for about 18 months due to the fact that Nick had been traveling around the world at that time. Charlie was visibly excited when his owner suddenly appeared in the driveway, and a camera caught their adorable reunion. The event took place last December. Once he starts talking, Charlie does as well – his high-pitched yips and howls delighted everyone around him! When Nick picks his dog up, Charlie continues his bizarre display of affection for all to see.

Watch their touchingly adorable reunion in the video below!

A human-dog bond is truly like no other!

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