Beachgoers attempt to rescue great white shark


Watch as people on a beach in Cape Cod try to rescue an 11-foot great white shark

Beachgoers worked together to rescue a beached great white shark and get it back in the ocean as a 11-foot shark washed up on a beach in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, US.
People came to the shark’s rescue by throwing water at it and towing the predator back into the ocean by digging a trench to the water.
The footage was captured Robyn Schnaible, who was visiting the beach with her family.
She said: “We got there at about 10am, and there was a huge crowd of people up ahead on the beach. We thought it was a whale, but we were told it was a great white that was alive and they were trying to save it.
“They dug a huge trench to take him back out to sea – it was like a big slip and slide.
“It had taken them a few hours to get to that point. They were using anything they could get their hands on – shovels, sandcastle toys, rubber boot. Someone tied a rope around his tail and a paddle boarder took the other end out to a boat with a tow on it.”
But Mrs Schnaible told how the rescuers’ efforts were in vain and they didn’t get the happy ending they had hoped for.
She said: “Everyone pulled him tug of war style back out to sea – everyone was excited to save this animal.
“Unfortunately when he got back out to sea he wasn’t moving – it’s not the happy ending everyone wanted.”

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