Bald Eagle Saved From Freezing To Death By Golden Retriever

Watch this amazing dog save our country's official bird from freezing to death!


Below is one unusual rescue story about an eagle that lost the ability to fly because of a shoulder injury. The bird would have probably ended up freezing in the snow if it wasn’t for Kenai, a 3-year-old Golden Retriever who noticed the eagle and was curious enough to approach it and get his owner attention. These dogs are known to be very intelligent creatures who are affectionate not only towards their owners but towards other animals as well.

When they saw the eagle, it was resting on a branch near the water.

Just as Kenai and his owner tried to come even closer in order to help, the bird hopped away. However, the two knew they couldn’t leave it in the snow all by itself so they informed the Department of Natural Resources about the case and with their help, they returned the next day to rescue the bald eagle.

When they arrived at the scene, the eagle was not there, but they followed its steps in the snow knowing that it couldn’t go far.

The mission was successful, as the team tracked the bird and was able to take it on a safe ground.

BarkPost notes that once it was taken to the vet’s, they detected signs of lead poisoning.

Screen Shot: YouTube/Daily Mop

The bald eagle is currently awaiting its full recovery at a wildlife rehabilitation center before being able to reach for the heights again.

Below is the video of the rescue.

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