Baby With Belly Full Of Worms Is Dumped Near Roadside And Left To Fade Away

She was longing for someone to come along her way and ease her pain as the only humans she ever trusted dumped her and left her to die.


For some people, dogs are only good and fun to be around when they are young and healthy, and once something such as illness comes along the way, they believe that dumping the animal is the only solution as it would save them money for medical bills. Of course, these people are cruel and never should have own the pet in the first place.

A dog with belly full of worms was dumped at the side of a road. It didn’t have the energy to move or find its own food so it was very likely it would die if it wasn’t for a truck driver who spotted her just in time to give her a second chance for life.

As the dog was found in an isolated place at a poor part of the world, the rescuers that took her in couldn’t run any tests, but from the look of her belly, they knew she had worms.

The poor soul was anemic and malnourished but soon received proper medications and was given dewormers.

Luckily, it helped her gain her strength and her appetite back. She could finally rest on a soft blanket and be around people who cared.

The juicy broth she got to munch on brought the happiness back into the life of this dog that was once dumped and left to die.

The best thing of all is that many people who learned of this dog wanted to adopt her, and we hope her rescuer will choose the right family for her.

You can take a look at this incredible rescue story in the video below.

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