Mom Couldn’t Get Baby To Stop Crying Watch The Dog’s Special Technique


They say that dogs are man’s best friend, and everyone who has a dog or has been around dogs knows how true it really is.

Take dogs whose owner gives birth, for example. They’ll often act as a protector for their new sibling. And when the baby gets a little older, the two of them will be BFFs.

It’s quite common for dogs and babies to get along. But have you ever seen a dog do something so clever to try and calm down their little friend?

Whenever the baby in the clip below starts to cry, the dog is ready with a brilliant trick. Even I was surprised, so it’s no wonder that the baby was so stunned they forgot to cry.

This clip will really put a smile on your face. And best of all, it shows how incredibly smart dogs are. They’re simply the best!

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