Baby has harsh words for family bulldog – now watch the unexpected reaction, it’s absolutely wonderful!

No wonder this clip has thousands in stitches! 😂😂😂


Is there anything cuter than kids and dogs hanging out together? Every child that gets to grow up with a dog around learns responsibility from very young age, and what’s most important these kids know how to socialize, they learn to share, and learn to love and be loved.

If we take into consideration the fact that dogs have the intelligence of a 2-year-old child, it somehow makes sense for them to get along and be best friends.

The relationship between the two is unique and the video below is a perfect example of that.

This toddler’s best friend is a lovely bulldog who seems never gets bored by the girl’s “talking.” That could be like that because the dog is not really interested in what his friend has to say. He just lays on the bed, and it looks like this is not the first time for him to be involved in a one-sided discussion.

But, that’s what friends are for. To be there for you and listen to your stories, no matter how boring they can be at times.

As for the little girl, she speaks with so much enthusiasm that she resembles an attorney in a courtroom, or maybe a teacher in front of her class.

However, this is definitely a must see. Since it was posted online, the fun “conversation” has been seen several million times. Once you see it, you’ll get why.


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