Baby Elephant Rejected by His Mother Collapses and Cries Without Stopping for 5 Hours

This baby elephant's story is so heartbreaking.


Most baby animals, just like baby humans, need their mother by their side in order to feel safe and loved. And when that’s not the case and they are forced to be separated from their moms, their little hearts break into a million pieces.

A story that comes from China is so touching that we can’t help by feel compassion.

One elephant mother stomp her baby by accident and hurt him. Sadly, once she saw little Zhuang Zhuang was wounded, she rejected him. Her reaction didn’t come as a surprise to the caretakers because they knew it was common for elephant mothers to abandon the weak calves.

This rejection triggered immense sorrow and devastation at the sweet baby. He started crying heavily and didn’t stop for five straight hours. He missed his mom’s presence and couldn’t understand why she didn’t love him back.

Seeing Zhuang Zhuang shedding tears under the blanket made his caretakers cry as well. But they did their best to be strong for him and help him overcome the pain his heart was filled with.

His mother was as sad, but she still didn’t want him back. When the caretakers tried to reunite them, she tried to stomp him again, so they decided to separate them for good as they were worried for Zhuang Zhuang’s safety.

We honestly hope this loving creature will continue to thrive and will find happiness among other creatures of his kind that will accept him as part of their family.

You can take a look at the heart-wrenching video below.

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