Anxious Dog Gets His First Home — Despite Ailing Health

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Almost 2 years ago, a dog named Charlie was taken in by a shelter after living on the streets as a stray. Charlie was 3 years old at that time and suffered from extreme anxiety, so it became quite clear to the shelter staff that he probably never had a home of his own at all. At the shelter, the staff found that Charlie didn’t get along with the other dogs and would sometimes try to attack them while being outside for walks. Eventually, Charlie started to bark at anyone who only looked at him in his kennel. Charlie was obviously afraid of any human contact and this prevented him from getting adopted. Even though Charlie was loved by the shelter staff and volunteers, who knew that Charlie meant no harm, potential adopters did not see him in that light.

Mary Jones, who was Charlie’s foster mom, talked about her experience with Charlie, “When I first met him he was scared to death. He shook and cowered into the corner of his kennel. Over time, he became more accustomed to the shelter routine. I used to take him out on Saturday’s, just to hang out and get a break from the shelter.” More than 1 year later, Charlie was still unadopted and was soon transferred to a quieter location to help his anxiety issues.

Although Charlie’s anxiety improved slightly, nobody wanted to adopt him. So Jones decided to become his foster parent and also has three other dogs of her own. While Charlie gets along with the 2 smaller dogs, he wasn’t able to get along with the big dog in Jones’ family. Jones remedied this by letting Charlie stay in her workplace, where he immediately made himself at home. Not long after, Jones found some lumps on Charlie’s neck and took him to the vet. Even after Charlie had finished the course of antibiotics, the lumps were still there.

Concerned, Jones sought an animal specialist for help. Samples of the lumps were taken and sent for testing, and within a few days, the results were conveyed to Jones. Unfortunately, Charlie was found to have lymphoma cancer, which only gave him about 1 to 3 months to live. But Jones never gave up on him and brought Charlie to stay with her family members so that she could spend whatever time he had left with him.

Although intensive medical treatment was an option, Jones decided that love was the best medicine for Charlie and showered him with plenty of love.

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