Security Cam Captures Huge Visitor On Porch At 3 AM Then Another Friend Pops In


She’d never expect to see such a thing!

There have been countless stories of wild animals showing up in our neighborhoods or near human residences. Both carnivores and herbivores, its an incredibly amazing moment – especially if its all on tape!

In Alaska and in the middle of winter, one local resident named Summer Hooke was reviewing the footage taped down by her home video security system which was securely installed right outside her house, facing her front porch. When she started to review footage of the previous night’s recording, she could hardly believe her own eyes. An animal had been standing on her porch at 3 a.m. in the morning, casually munching away on her outdoor plants! But it was neither a rabbit, a deer, or any other animal you would typically expect to waltz onto your front porch. The video had revealed that it was a fully-grown female moose having a late night snack – and amusingly, she was clearly unaware that she was being recorded!

The female moose then leaves, but not for good as she brings another moose along to join her – a few moments in between! The two mooses then proceeded to have an uninterrupted feast, right in front of the camera!

“My neighbors said they named her Twiggy. She’s a smaller female and has been hanging out in the area for about three years now,” Hooke remarks in an interview. How peculiar it must have been for her to see such a sight!

Watch the scene below!

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