Amazing: Dog trapped in underground pipe for 6 days back at work


In Mount Sinai, New York, a border collie that had been trapped in an underground pipe for six days on a Long Island golf course has returned to his job protecting the fairway from geese landings.

According to CbsNews, the dog named JB – named after James Brown’s “I Feel Good” song, disappeared while chasing away a flock of geese. Staff at the Willow Creek Golf Course were very depressed; after all, JB was just one of the guys, and everyone had grown extremely fond of the dog. As they searched day and night, no one could find hair nor whisker. Who would have ever thought the dog somehow squeezed into an 18 inch round pipe after a treacherous fall?

In addition, as a dog trained to chase geese and work on a golf course, he was taught not to bark, so even his cries for help were barely discernible. And it was on the sixth day that a club member in a cart thought he heard a child crying underground.

I saw it like a miner trapped in a mine,” stated Suffolk County SPCA Chief Roy Gross. ” I could see the emotion…”

And so the community gathered together and used backhoes and digging equipment hoping the pipes wouldn’t collapse. Oxygen was sent down to make breathing easier for JB. When the dog was finally freed, everyone was amazed he was in such good condition. He had fallen 17-feet inside of a dark tunnel and didn’t even break any bones – he easily could have died from the fall.

The pipe is now blocked with steel safety rods so that can never happen again. JB lost four pounds, but that’s only a temporary condition. We can only guess how much pampering the pup is receiving now, and we can all thank Mother Nature for letting it rain. That must have been why JB survived.

You’re a good dog JB. Welcome home.

(Photo: Screenshot of dog trapped via CbsNews)

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