Aladdin Was Skin and Bones, But Now This Pit Bull Is Healthy and Gives Back in His New Life

When Aladdin was found, his back legs and his tail were broken and he was missing 12 teeth. But thanks to the love he received, he now resembles a completely new dog.


They say it takes a village to raise a child, and apparently, the same goes for rescueing animals on the brink of death and offering them a new lease on life.

When a Pit Bull named Aladdin was first found, he was in such a bad health that no one was really convinced that the poor animal would make it. But many people, as well as many organizations, took part in the process of his healing. Aladdin had his back legs and his tail broken and he was missing 12 teeth. On top of that, he was undernourished and weighted only 18 pounds.

His bones could be seen through his skin and everyone knew it would take a lot of energy and time to turn him into a healthy dog.

Today, Aladdin resembles a completely new dog. He gained weight and is a valuable member of the community. “Every single Monday, he trots into the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) on Chestnut Street in Philadelphia. Every single Monday, he brings smiles to children battling illnesses, grappling with disorders that could slay giants, but they persevere with hearts a little lighter because of him,” the woman taking care of Aladdin now told Lucy Noland from FOX 29.

Make sure you check the whole story out and learn more of this special dog who never stopped wagging his tail, even when it was broken.

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