After Years Of Abuse, This Beautiful Whippet Finally Finds Peace

She didn't quit, and her rescuers wouldn’t either.


Rest in peace, dear Lemur.

A local Whippet named Lemur was found to had suffered many years of abuse. Unkind people treated Lemur poorly, who only wanted to be loved and live the life a dog deserved. It should have been a lifetime filled with playtime, lots of treats and tons of affection – but it was not meant to be. Alas, poor Lemur had been previously confiscated by his owner, placed in a pound and then rescued by a local animal welfare group named Sidewalk Specials. It was with the animal rescue group that his life started to turn around.

By the time Lemur was rescued, so much damage had been done – he was anemic, weak, timid and malnourished. Even when he was rescued and brought out to meet the general public, people passed him over on adoption day. However, his foster mom still had hope that he would find his forever family – and he did. In his new home, Lemur enjoyed playing with his new canine siblings, Dora and Sali – along with receiving lots of love and treats on a daily basis!

Barely a month later with his new family, Lemur’s health began to decline at a rapid pace. The irreversible abuse he suffered prior to his rescue had taken a toll on him, and the poor canine was experiencing kidney failure.  As he passed away in his owner’s arms, he was seemingly content. It was as if he wanted to thank her for the month of love he got to experience before he passed.

Watch his story in the video below:

Lemur crossed the rainbow bridge shortly after. Our prayers are with Lemur and his family.

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