With the summer on its way, The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) issues a warning to all dog owners to do their best to protect their pets from the heat. They are listing some useful tips and tricks that would keep you four-legged buddies well hydrated and safe.

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Many times, we try to keep ourselves cool but somehow forget that our canines struggle with the hot weather, too.

A five-year-old dog was reported dead after his owner took him for a walk while the temperatures reached even above 30 degrees. It was said that the poor animal didn’t experience any health issues but was perfectly ‘fit and healthy.’

“This morning we were informed a local dog died of heat stroke after being taken on a walk at 9 am when the temperature was 21 degrees,” the RSPCA Altrincham Cheshire Branch said in a statement.

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RSPCA submitted numerous warnings as the temperatures are rising, but people are still reported for taking their dogs outside during the hottest period of the day.

“The dog was otherwise fit and healthy. Despite lots of warnings about the heat we still see dogs being walked to the shops, on the school run, or as soon as owners get in from work,” the RSPCA said.

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“Yesterday the highest temperature for the day was at 4 pm but this is when most of the dogs we spotted were out and about. It does not matter if your dog is white, young, not a bull breed or ‘used to the heat’. Please be mindful of its needs.”

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If the dog’s body temperatures rises to high levels it may result in a heat stroke. That is why owners shouldn’t leave their pets in their cars, even if the windows are open. They should also avoid muzzling them.

Walking the dog should take place during the coolest periods of the day.

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Signs of heat stroke in dogs include:

  • excessive panting
  • taggering
  • being in a stupor
  • seizures
  • high body temperature
  • a dark or bright red tongue
  • sticky or dry gums
  • bloody diarrhea
  • vomiting
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In case your dog experiences heat stroke make sure you lower their temperature down. One way of doing that is dousing them in cool, not cold water and giving them something to drink.

“We do understand the crucial nature of walking your dog, however, please bear in mind that walking in high temperatures can cause serious and irreversible damage, and in some cases death,” the RSPCA said.

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Another important thing to take into consideration is that dogs, like humans, may suffer from sun burns. You ca prevent this by applying sunscreen on their body, especially the areas around their ears, nose, back, and mouth.

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Always make sure they don;t walk on hot surfaces as it may result in burning their feet.

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