After Being Left At A Shelter, Dog Was So Inconsolable That She Couldn’t Stop Drooling


Dogs and humans are pretty much alike.  Just like humans would react if they were dropped off in the middle of no where with total strangers with none of their things with them.  This dog was not hiding the fact that she was anxious and scared when her owners dropped her off and left her behind.

When Trio Animal Foundation was walking through a public animal shelter in Chicago they discovered little Belle.  She was a tiny ball of fur trembling and soaking wet from her own saliva.  She was so upset that she had vomited numerous times.  But when she was examined she was perfectly healthy.  She was just so upset and inconsolable after her owners dropped her off.

The volunteers at Trio Animal Foundation decided they could help her by taking her back to their center where she would have a bed and a cozy room. It didn’t take long until Belle soon realized she was surrounded by love and was safe. That’s when her happy little self started to blossom. Everyone was able to see the sweet girl that she was all along.

I’m not sure why anyone would surrender this little cutie but I’m so glad Belle found happiness.  Every dog deserves to be loved.

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