Adorable baby afraid of vacuum cleaner rushes to her dog for protection

Just wait until you see the dog’s response.


Being around toddlers means days filled with laughter. These cuties always speak their mind and don’t find it inappropriate to ask you why you are wearing that not so cute sweater, or why your hair looks so messy. But the good thing is that they also mean it when they tell you how you are their favorite aunt, or how they love you to the moon and back. So, when you get some words of praise from a youngster don’t take it for granted.

However, what I find appealing is how great little kids are with animals, especially dogs. You have to agree that it’s a very special connection. The reason behind it might be because they are similar in nature. 

The bond between the adorable baby girl and her doggy from the video below will melt your heart.  



The girl found herself scared by the loud noise of the vacuum cleaner and guess who did she turn to for help. Her husky of course. The moment she hears the terrifying sound she hugs the dog and doesn’t let go. The more firmly she embraces the Husky, the less scared she feels. She simply knows that no one can keep her safe the way her beloved pal does. 



Not only that she hugs the dog, but she completely buries her face into his soft fur. No machine is stronger than this four-legged sweetie, not even the loud and scary vacuum cleaner. 

Finding shelter and protection in her dog makes this footage one of the sweetest of a kid and a dog we’ve seen in a long time. Despite putting a big smile on our face, the girl’s reaction speaks of the important role dogs have in the life of children. 



Once the sound faded away, the sweet little lady smiled as though she wanted to thank her hero. She now knows she can rely on the husky whenever she needs help, and he will always be there to protect her.

This is something you don’t want to miss. 

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