Adopted Dog Was Afraid of Everything, but One Night With His Human Brother Changed it All

Hedgie was brought home from the shelter by his new family but kept hiding under the table. The boy took the dog to bed, and in the morning everything changed.


Some dogs are lucky enough to end up with a human brother like lovely Mason. When his parents gave him a resounding yes to his request of adopting a pup, he knew he was about to get a friend for life.

After some time, he decided to take in a doggy whom he named Hedgie. As Mason says, there was something in the dog’s eyes that told him he was the one.

However, Hedgie’s life up until that moment wasn’t an easy one. He had probably spent all his puppyhood tied outside and didn’t know what it meant to be loved. That experience made Hedgie fearful, so he spent the first day in his new home hiding under the table.

But Mason wouldn’t let his pup feel scared so he took him close to him and the dog spent the night in Mason’s bedroom. The new day brought new hope for both the boy and the dog and all the fears were now gone. As simple as that. 

The bond these two kind souls formed will last forever. They will never leave each other’s side, even during the toughest of times. 

One day, out of the blue, Hedgie started experiencing troubles eating and walking. The family got really concerned so they took him to the vet’s where he was diagnosed with megaesophagus. That is a condition in which the muscular tube connecting the throat to the stomach and helps the food and the liquid move down the belly lacks motility.

This was devastating news, but Mason and his family never though of giving up on their dog. They came up with an amazing idea of buying him a special feeding chair that helps the food move down his stomach.

Except for this condition, Hedgie is a happy dog who loves his life. He is very lucky to be around such a loving and caring family.

Check the whole story in the video below.

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