Abused Puppies Dyed Pink & Left For Dead, Then Volunteers Spot Them In Forest.

Seeing them now made my heart so happy.❤


A group of people stumbled upon two samoyed dogs dyed pink and abandoned in the forest they were left speechless.

These dogs had been used as props at a seaside resort in Russia as puppies.  The owner was using them as photo props and charging tourists for the a picture with them.

We all know that puppies don’t stay small forever.  That’s when the owner decided they had become too big and they didn’t want to take care of them anymore.  Luring them into the forest where they were abandoned with no food or water.

The two somehow became seperated but were reunited at the shelter in Moscow.  During the initial exam the vet discovered inflammation and eczema, which was caused by the pink dye.  The other heartbreaking news was the discovery of shrapnel which was removed from the one dog.  The other was shot in the ear.

Police launched a full investigation into the terrible case of animal abuse. Animal lovers all over Russia were pleading to tourist not to support this couple’s photo business.  The two were seen with a new set of pink dogs.

The Samoyeds were very timid,  They are a tender, obedient and kind breed.  The two have recently been adopted into a home that will give them the love and care they deserve.

Watch the video for the update on this pair.

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