Every time she’s touched, this dog cries out of fear

Bless this woman with such a kind heart!


The story of Priscilla is one of those stories that make people aware of what happens to dogs and other animals who are being neglected and abused by their owners. These poor creatures’ lives change forever and they experience difficulties trusting humans ever again.

The sad reality is that Priscilla is just one of the great number of dogs who suffer torture and negligence by those who are supposed to make their life a perfect one.

This pooch was abandoned and placed at a shelter. She was so confused and scared that she wouldn’t let anyone get closer. People visiting the shelter would simply turn away from Priscilla fearing that she may hurt them, but no one really knew that she was actually terrified of them.

One day, a woman visited the place and noticed the scared dog. She approached and started patting Priscilla who wouldn’t stop screaming. The sight was a sad one to watch.

But then, Priscilla realized the woman wasn’t there to hurt her so she eventually calmed down.

That encounter between Priscilla and the woman who wasn’t afraid to get closer was the start of an amazing friendship. Since then, Priscilla was placed in foster care and will stay there until she’s ready to leave her home-country Romania and start her new life in the UK.

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