This tiger has never been shown affection – watch as she finds her soulmate

The former circus tiger was covered in bald spots after years of abuse. After being nursed back to health, the volunteers could still see that the poor animal was lonely and needed a friend. But they never could have anticipated the love story that would unfold next, as they introduced the loving tiger to her new soulmate. What a touching story!


When Aasha, the nine-month-old Bengal tiger was first spotted, she only weighted 30 pounds. She was undernourished and missing patches of her coat.

Her rescuer, a woman named Vicky Keahey who is the founder of an animal rescue in Texas called In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Educational Center said how Aasha was a part of a circus where she was severely neglected and abused both by the owners and the rest of the tigers she was sharing her cage with.

Sadly, it was obvious from her appearance that Aasha’s health condition was poor. Among the rest, she was diagnosed with ringworm because of which she was given a medical treatment and was isolated in her own enclosure.

Keahey, however, was willing to do everything in her power to nurture Aasha back to health. Her daily routine included giving the animal her medications and medicated baths. This all gave Keahey a hard time as Aasha wasn’t fond of taking baths, but her rescuer was determined to help heal the lovely tiger that now enjoys spending time in the water.

Eight months after being rescued, Aasha resembled a completely new animal and it was now time for her to leave her enclosure and join the rest of the tigers. The rescuers believed it would be for the best if they place her next to a male tiger named Smuggler, and as it turned out, it was the best decision they could ever make.

Aasha and Smuggler grew fond of each other very quickly and love spending their days together.

Over time, the staff placed the two tigers into a same enclosure and they now make the perfect couple.

You can take a look at Aasha’s whole story in the video below.

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