Abandoned ‘White Rat’ Strives To Live – And Is Now All Grown Up!


Nicknamed a ‘rat’, the little thing was reformed due to the power of love!

One day, one little white creature was handed over to a Imgur user, whose usernamed went by CaliCatlady101. The  little thing was so small and fragile because he was just a day old – his eyes were still closed shut and he could not even purr. Based on instinct as a cat guardian, Cali knew exactly what to do in dedicating herself wholeheartedly to nursing this little kitten back to health. She has since named the kitten Ollie. Cali’s friend however, thought of him as no more than a ‘rat’ – but Cali thinks otherwise.

Ollie was the smallest of the litter, and had most likely been rejected by its mother due to its poor health and extremely fragile physical build. Everyone thought that Ollie wouldn’t survive the night, but he did – day after day!

Cali made sure that Ollie remained well-fed and warm at all times, and checked on him frequently to make sure that he was okay. Ollie soon made himself at home, evident in his various sleeping positions!

Jokingly referring to the little kitten as a ‘weirdo’, Cali allows Ollie to snuggle up with her – even if it meant burying beneath her clothes!

Weeks passed, and Ollie slowly gained enough strength to stand and walk around. His eyes were also fully open, allowing him to see the world.

Today, Ollie is now all grown up – his once frail body is no more than a shell of his former self!

Thanks to Cali, this little kitten was given a transformation he greatly needed – and has blossomed well into a lovely big cat!

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Think your friends would be interested? Share this story!
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