He was abandoned, starved and shot in the face but this Pit Bull’s life was far from over


Animal abuse can be hard to talk about. Especially when you’re an animal lover. This beautiful Pit Bull, now named Lucky, faced a significant tragedy but with this tragedy came courage. And a new home!

Lucky was left in an abandoned building with no food and no water. He could not escape… Yet, if he didn’t escape, he would starve. Lucky did what he had to! He chewed through the walls and doors to get outside. FINALLY he would be able to get help and food to eat. But then something even more tragic happened!

A neighbor saw Lucky and got scared for the safety of his livestock and shot Lucky in the face. The poor, sweet dog that wouldn’t hurt a soul was automatically perceived as a threat just because of his breed and the stigma it comes with.


BUT, Lucky continued to fight for his life. Fighting for his life became second nature for this courageous dog. He was rushed for medical treatment and fought hard day in and day out to recover.

Lucky prevailed and was placed in a loving foster home. Then, his foster parents became a foster fail! YAY! They couldn’t imagine life without Lucky once they fell in love with him.


Lucky now lives happily with his family and rescued Pit Bull siblings. He is so loved and is so happy. His favorite thing to do is to go swimming in their big pool. He may look silly doing it but he doesn’t care. He just wants to celebrate life. And boy, does he deserve to do so! I LOVE THIS DOG!


Check out Lucky and his siblings in the beautiful tribute video below!

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