Abandoned Dog Stayed Around Busy Road For Weeks, Hoping For His Family To Return

The best kind of road side assistance!


The dog stayed there, waiting for someone to come get him..

A California-based animal rescue group named Hope For Paws received a phone call about a dog who had been cruelly abandoned – near a busy road. For weeks, the dog stayed around the spot he was left at, waiting for his family to come and fetch him back home. To his dismay, no one ever did.

One team of rescuers from Hope For Paws showed up to try to rescue and bring the dog back to their headquarters. The dog was visibly terrified. Plus, they had to be very careful so that they would not spook him or cause him to dash across the road. Armed with some food for the dog, rescuers’ efforts were futile as the canine refused to take any. He would not even get close to them.

They had no other choice but to put out a humane trap while they hid in the alley across the street. Once the dog was in the cage, rescuers wanted to pet him to reassure him. However, the dog only growled and barked in response. The dog was named Pepe, and brought to the nearest animal hospital for a check-up.

Watch Pepe’s rescue happen in the video below!

Once Pepe warmed up to his rescuers, they found out that he was actually an extremely friendly one. Beneath all of the filth and matted fur, Pepe had a very loving personality. He was bathed, medically treated and groomed – and Pepe has transformed into a whole new dog!

Interested parties who would like to adopt Pepe into a forever loving home, please visit Hope For Paws’s official website here.

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