Stray Dog Walks Over 100 Miles To Get Back To Elderly Couple Who Had Shown Her Kindness

Grab a tissue, you’re going to need it when you read what this amazing dog did. ❤


This is a story about love and loyalty. Now, having said that, you probably assume there is a dog involved, because no one is as loyal as these lovely creatures, don’t you think so?

The dog, later name Negrita, was spotted by an elderly couple from Rivadavia, Argentina. They felt sorry for the dog that was malnourished, severely emaciated, and pregnant. Having so much on her plate, and being unable to do anything about it, the mother-to-be just stayed there on the street not moving an inch. 

The couple brought her home and provided her with the medical help she needed so badly. They showed her love, kindness, and made her feel like the most important dog in the world. Once she gave birth to a litter of sweet puppies, the spouses took great care of the babies as well.

However, they were older, so they felt like they couldn’t keep the dogs any longer. They did their best to find each and every dog a family that would love them the way they did. 

The puppies got to their new homes safely, but not Nergita. She got lost during the transportation to her new home and was nowhere to be spotted. 

A couple of days later, something incredibly amazing happened. The couple saw a familiar face staring at their doorstep. Poor Nargita walked more than 100 miles to get back to the people who saved her. 

Her paws were full of sores and she was lacking strength, but she was happy to be home again. She had lots of water, something to eat, and then took a very long nap in order to get back to her senses. 

Her human mommy and daddy promised not to leave her ever again. 

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