A Sick Puppy And A Sick Man, Met And Recovered Together


Meet Jason A. Bradford, a 44-year-old self-employed massage therapist and a holistic healer at his own company, Body, Mind & Spirit Works. Just a few months back, he had went through a lot. Bradford had been ill and suffered numerous aliments which included high fever and malnutrition. His body needed medicine and ample rest to recover. For a few weeks, Bradford could not even stomach solid food!

One day, Bradford had decided to login to Facebook after being inactive for a period of time and eventually came across a post about a dog that was being fostered. Deciding to pay a visit, Bradford immediately changed into outdoor clothing and headed out.

Bradford had stated that even though he was weak and disorientated, he decided to get dressed and rode a bike over to the foster home. According to Bradford, he had thought of getting a cat to keep him company, but not a dog.

Upon meeting the small puppy, Bradford had immediately took a liking to him. The puppy had received proper care and seemed healthy even though it had been suffering from parvovirus for a few months.

Parvovirus is often deadly especially to puppies due to their undeveloped immune systems, so it would be a difficult illness to recover from. When Bradford met the puppy, it was only five months old at that time and weighed a mere two pounds!

Bradford then decided to adopt the puppy, so the foster contacted the ACCT Philly, which was the animal care provider that was responsible for the puppy. Bradford could not keep his mind off the puppy while he waited for the news.

After the adoption was finalized, Bradford took the puppy home and named him “Maximus LaRue” or “Max”. During the first week, Bradford used eyedrops to ensure that Max was hydrated. Max had only started to eat solid food recently so he was weak most of the time. This was similar to what Bradford had gone through as he had only begun to eat solid food after a month later.

Due to the fatality of the illness, Max had been hospitalized when he was only a month old with little chance of surviving. Max was also too weak and young to be outdoors during the first few weeks and even had to be quarantined to prevent contact with the other dogs.

However, this changed when Bradford brought Max to meet his friend, Chloe. Max was finally healthy and able enough to play with the other puppies without having to be carried!

Bradford had even stated that he and Max shared a deep bond and were in sync! If Bradford tried to prepare food, Max would eat his food too.

Dogs like Max simply needed a little more care, and Bradford doesn’t mind it one little bit.

According to Bradford, Max is a very relaxed dog for his size and breed due to his illness. He adores attention from everyone but would faithfully remain by Bradford’s side.

Even though it had been a challenge for Bradford to recover properly when he had adopted Max, it was actually Max that prevented him from giving up.

Before adopting Max, Bradford did not know what it was like to have a dog as a companion. Now for Bradford, it is true that a dog is a man’s best friend, indeed.

We wish them a long and happy life together!

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