96 Days After Dog’s Disappearance, Woman Spots Snowy Paw-Prints & Begins Her Search

Kari Yarbrough and her dogs were on their way home to Colorado Springs, when she got into a car accident.


This is a story about a woman named Kari Yarbrough, who was on her way home back to Colorado Springs along with her dogs. However, Kari had unfortunately gotten into a car accident in the middle of the road. Plus, Kari already had an open warrant on her, thus she was swiftly taken into police custody and was en route to Chaffee County jail instead. Meanwhile, all of Kari’s dogs had been placed in a yard by the local authorities.

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During her untimely arrest, one of her dogs, Prince, had escaped the guarded yard. As soon as Kari was released and free once again, she was devastated to learn that Prince had gone missing. In desperation, she proceeded to seek help from all avenues in hopes of getting Prince back to her side.

One Buena Vista animal advocate named Monika Courtney saw Kari’s SOS social media post and decided to lend a helping hand to her. She gave Kari a tent along with some camping supplies, which greatly helped her to track Prince down throughout the cold winter days.

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Finally, just days before Christmas, there was good news. Kari had spotted Prince’s very familiar paw-prints and started following them eagerly. The animal prints led her behind a church, where she finally spotted Prince! He was  all curled up to keep himself warm after spending a whole 96 days in the wild. However, he did not seem to recognize Kari. Survival is always a bitter game, and Prince had suffered as a result of his escape.

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Despite that, Kari had gently brought Prince back home. Prince eventually recognized her once more after lots of TLC. To make up for her absence. Kari plans to shower him with even more love and care, in order to make him feel safe and secure again. Because for her, finding Prince once again was a miracle.

Click to watch Prince’s moving story of survival in the video below!

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