Here Are 5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Happy And Healthy


Because dogs are family for life.

1. Play with your canine and shower it with lots of love
Firstly, identify some activities that you and your canine would enjoy – it could be a simple game of Frisbee, swimming or just plain old running. Ensure that your dog move often, and everyday. Rearrange your schedule, bond and make time for your dog – he or she would love you back for it.

2. Groom your dog
Make sure your new pup gets regular baths, nail, paw and coat trims. This is to prevent ingrown or overgrown claws, fur tangles and unwanted pests such as fleas and ticks. Keeping your dog in tip-top condition also enables it to move around much more easily without slipping or restriction.

3. Include plenty of exercise and socialization
Socializing and exercising with other dogs prevents unwanted aggressiveness and fearful behavior in your canine. Allowing your dog to become well-socialized dogs actually makes it calmer and more accepting of situational or environmental changes. Try a dog park or sign up for a dog training course to allow your dog to make some friends – with some agility and obedience, of course!

4. Keep Your dog safe from hazards and the environment.
Provide protection from skin damage and temperature hazards such as cold spells and excessive heat – dogs don’t sweat like us humans do and care must be taken to prevent a heat stroke or chill. As dog owners, be aware to what substances and produce are poisonous to your dog, and never let your dog ingest anything that could cause intestinal blockage.

5. Visit the Vet regularly
Get your new pup a physical examination, vaccinations, make sure its micro-chipped and most importantly, some de-worming tablets to prevent any roundworm problems. When your pet reaches a suitable age of at least 6 months, it is also recommended to consider neutering or sterilization for better mood control and health. Yearly check-ups for adult dogs and twice-yearly check-ups for senior dogs older than 7-years-old are highly recommended. Remember – addressing any issues before it becomes severe is the best way to ensure that your pooch lives a long and happy life with you and your family.

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