30 Homeless Animals Have A Holiday Feast And Feel Love For The First Time

Everyone deserves to feel love and a sense of family around the holidays.


The holidays are the time when we celebrate love. The Freshpet though of all the stray pets that would spend the most wonderful time of the year alone and decided to show them some love by treating 30 of them with a holiday feast. But, that’s not all. They announced that for every video share they’ll donate a meal to a shelter pet. Initially, the goal was set to 10,000 meals, but people liked the idea so much that the lovely video was shared way more times. 

This is such a generous thing to do for the animals in need. 

“We met our goal of 10,000 meals! Thank you for everyone who shared our video. We said for every video share we would donate one meal to a shelter pet in need, up to 10,000 meals.”

“We’re now at 30,000 shares and counting! We didn’t anticipate all your Facebook and YouTube shares. So in the spirit of giving, we will triple our commitment and donate 30,000 meals. We ask that you continue to share to help bring awareness to shelter animals everywhere that need loving homes.”

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