3-Week-Old White Lion Cub Eager To Make Friends With Dogs

The tiny cub was abandoned by his mom and needed a new family.


Having true friends is what makes life better and more fun. This isn’t only true for humans, but for animals as well.

However, we sometimes witness of friendships between different kinds of animals and we are often left speechless to see how much love there is between different species.

The below video depicts the unusual bond between a baby lion and his dog friends. This lovely cub was abandoned and now he found a new family with the canines that accepted him as one of them.

This cub is pretty special because it has very distinctive looks. His fur is pure white, which is pretty rare.

This amazing video that will definitely make your day has been shared online by a volunteer who works with wild cats in South Africa.

Wow, is there a better job than being around the big cats? Well, I guess not.

Check this uncommon friendship in the video below and make sure you share it with friends.

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