26-Year-Old Senior Cat Thought He’d Forever Be Homeless, Until One Woman Saw Him

She didn't want him to spend his last days, however many there were, in a cage at the shelter.


No one gave him a chance over the years.

Most domestic cats live to an average age of almost 20 years or a little bit longer, but Thomas the cat was a different case. He has reached a rare and ripe old age of 26! However, Thomas’s previous owners could no longer take care of him and fulfill his elderly needs, thus they proceeded to surrender the poor cat to a local shelter. Back in March 2018, Thomas arrived at the Baltimore County Animal Shelter and was found to be suffering from a few health issues related to his age. Shelter staff knew that it was going to be hard for Thomas to be adopted as people who would visit them would often ask to adopt younger cats and kittens.

The shelter staff even put up a Facebook post which explained Thomas’ situation in order to give him a chance to be loved again, and it caught Laura Cassiday of Animal Allies Rescue Foundation (AARF)’s attention. “Pretty much when I saw ’26’ I knew there was no way I was leaving him there. I coordinated with AARF and picked him up on Thursday,” Laura said. The kind woman also happens to be an active volunteer with both The Feline Rescue Association and the Maryland Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). Therefore, it was only natural for her to welcome old Thomas into her home to live, along with her 6 other rescue cats.

As Tomas the old cat needed a sense of stability in his life, Laura needed to note a few things. Shelter staff had previously informed her that Thomas suffers from the following: severe dental disease, arthritis, hyperthyroidism, diagnosed with an abnormal liver and maybe even a tumor.”We honestly have no idea how much longer he even has, otherwise he’s in fairly decent shape for an old man,” she remarked. In fact, Laura knows only too well that senior cats like Thomas often do not stand a chance in getting a new home.

She expressed her wish that more people would consider giving a chance to older animals, as they are the often the ones who need the utmost care and attention. Thomas was unsure of his new environment at first, but warmed up and adjusted to his new life pretty quickly.

Today, Thomas even has his very Facebook page titled: ‘The Adventures of Thomas the 26-Year-Old Cat.’ He would even turn 27-years-old next year in February 2019! Thanks to Laura Cassiday’s open heart, Thomas the 26-year-old cat will be spending the rest of his days happily, in a home where he would never feel lonely and uncared for again!

Watch Thomas in action in the video below!

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