25 Animal Saviors Who Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity


Media is often full of disturbing reports about animal abuse and wretched pets. Fortunately, there are still many people out there who like and help animals.

In fact, some of these people have literally become animal saviors! Here, we will show you 25 animal saviors who are not afraid to put their schedules, time, and even lives on the line for the sake of an animal in need.

25.Chinese researchers use panda costumes when working with real pandas to make the integrating process easier for the bears.


24.Adam Warwick, a biologist with the Wildlife Commission, helped a drowning black bear that ran into the ocean after an unsuccessful tranquilizer.


23.A woman giving drink to a little bird that fell to the ground as a result of a hot day.


22.A Chinese grandma feeding stray dogs.


21.A boy carries his dog through floodwaters brought by the monsoon rain in Manila, Philippines.


20.A volunteer feeds a gray seal pup a herring at a seal-rehabilitation center in the Netherlands.


19.A penguin watches as Richard Tesore of Rescate Fauna Marina holds a rescued baby La Plata river dolphin.


18.A villager carrying stranded kittens to dry land during floods in Cuttack City, India.


17.Ryo Taira lifts a porpoise out of a flooded rice field after it was swept by a tsunami in Sendai, Japan. He found the porpoise struggling in the shallow seawater and after failing to net it, waded into the field to cradle the baby animal in his arms.


16.An animal lover rescues a kangaroo from flood waters in Ipswich, Australia.


15.Combat medic Joshua Bisnar hand-feeding a helpless baby rabbit found alongside his dead mother.


14.An orphaned baby orangutan in Borneo. This one was lucky enough to be taken care of.


13.A policeman guarding a duck mother and her babies.


12.Volunteers moving a false killer whale back into the sea in Australia.


11.Injured baby Howler Monkey being taken care of by a vet in Belize.


10.Two guys in Saskatchewan, Canada swam through flood waters to save this stranded fox, risking their own lives.


9.A group of marines take a break during the Battle of Okinawa to give a baby goat something to drink.

8.A pig born without the use of his back legs using a wheel chair made of toy parts.


7.Courageous boy rescuing a young deer in a swollen river in Bangladesh.


6.Boys rescuing a puppy caught in a drain.


5.Baby elephant getting medical attention.


4.A woman carrying her dog in flooded street.


3.A firefighter giving drink to thirsty koala after a bushfire in Australia.


2.MMA fighter Cathal Pendred rescues a dolphin baby that got washed up on shore and could not get back into the ocean in Ireland.


1.Two friends Erik and Torvald rescuing a lamb that was close to drowning in Norway.


These animal saviors are helping to restore faith in humanity by showing the deep and powerful bond between a human and an animal. Share if you feel the same like us!

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