21 Sweet Photos that Show the Cutest Sides of Life

I love all of these photos!


In today’s world when people are always rushing and working long hours, they rarely find the time for themselves. Spending time with family and loved ones became a luxury not everyone can afford. We tend to focus on the problems and on the negative aspects of life so much that we often forget to live. There are a bunch of positive things that surround us, we just need to pay a closer look at all the presents the days bring. If we find beauty in the small things, we will learn true happiness.

These photos will remind you of the important things that we happen to miss or forget about. They show the beauty of simplicity and have the power to warm your heart.

1. Just a couple of doggies chillin’ in their jammies

loveabulllisa via Instagram

These canines take couch-cuddling to a whole new level!

2. The captive orangutan with a maternal instinct


This curious primate is simply entranced by a pint-sized zoo visitor.

3. A corgi showing off his dark side

loganthewelsh via Instagram

Who knew the devil could be so cute?!

4. Baby taking some “me-time”

Baby Spa Perth via Instagram

Being an infant is a stressful job, after all!

5. Dog and cat hit the road

mmumford11 via Instagram

It’s like if the characters in Homeward Bound had AAA!

6. A mom and dad “cut the cord”


An honest illustration of what it’s like to finally send the kiddos off to school.

7. Talented daddy shows off his impressive hairstyling skills

icemikeloveasia via Instagram

His little girl looks so proud to be rocking his braided creation!

8. Golden retriever re-invents “Netflix and Chill”

k8tskya via Instagram

Yep, this adorable doggy loves to binge-watch Family Guy.

9. These little girls take “twinning” to a whole new level

Justin McClure

We’re seeing double—and our hearts are melting!

10. Pint-sized dog owner plays dress-up with her pooch

msilviadearaujo via Instagram

Sometimes even dogs dream of being unicorns.

11. The best (worst) study partner

ChloeBroomfield1995’s channel

Baby ducks are no good at homework, but they sure are cute!

12. These two slaying their father-daughter dance


According to the bride, her dad took the rehearsals more seriously than she did!

13. A massive St. Bernard who thinks he’s a lap dog

Rumble Viral

Who knew “Beethoven” was so into cuddling?

14. The sweetest friendships are unlikely friendships

Tara Wood

Believe it or not, this dynamic duo met after the tot struck up a conversation with the elderly man at a grocery store. Cute!

15. A little gal gets chummy with her pet gorilla

The Aspinall Foundation

These two look like they’re two peas in a pod!

16. From “shopping helper” to “shopping snoozer”

Andrewackso via Reddit

Whatever you do, don’t judge this dozing pooch; after all, shopping IS hard work!

17. A couple more REALLY unlikely friends

Alexas_Fotos via Pixabay

Is the cat so grumpy because his BFF is a sad clown or is the clown so sad because his BFF is a grumpy cat? Inquiring minds want to know…

18. Three fawns waiting out a thunderstorm

Amscolie via Imgur

Lucky for them, these deer have “indoor privileges”.

19. A star-struck tot meets a real-life “princess”

Stephanie Cristalli via Imgur

How sweet is this bride for indulging the little girl?

20. Cat dad supports this new cat mom


They must have taken a whole lot of Lamaze classes!

21. A grateful rescue dog shows his appreciation

the dodo

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