20 Animals that Know how to Properly Ask for Cookies

Because it is impossible to deny these eyes.


Asking for a cookies can be scary because, in many cases, youā€™re asking to be rejected. Usually there isnā€™t much you can do about it, and When you want something, you need to get to the point..

You can improve your chances by inspiring genuine emotion. šŸ™‚ Here are a 20 photos of animals that we gathered for you to show that they can get everything they ask for. We definitely have a lot to learn from them!

Please Sir, I havenā€™t see a cookie for a while :(.

Only one cookie and I promise iā€™ll not yell at night.

Did you just said Peanut?

I ran and i was a ā€œgood boyā€ all day long. I hope there will be meat fillet ready soon?

Oh, god of the pond, Can you please send me aĀ rain of fishes .

I feel like Iā€™m cute enough so i deserve at least one cookie

Can i get aĀ cookie. What? You heard ā€“ I asked for three.

Ohh, I finaly see the cookie!

Whatā€™s that?. Well Yeah, itā€™s cookie.

I would take one piece! No, this is too small, but it was he who, thanks!

Just put the cookies on the floor. Slowly, so i can see your hand.

I see the future. There will be a great time, and each will receive a mountain of protein nuts.

Nooo cookie, come back!

IĀ apologizeĀ , but do you have some honey cakes left?

Listen, give a cutlet,Ā ExcuseĀ me, give what?

Pripechenit is not there? From the heart, bro!

Please Sir, can i have this one?

And to hell with you, iā€™ll take it.

I dreamed of is such big Ā carrot!

In a world of sad cat when you eat someoneā€™s sour cream.

Good afternon, sir. We have walked all day long.Ā Do you have some cookies for us?

Here comes my favorite! Yes, filled with cream.

Oh is that for me! How did i deserved? ā€¦ Am i so cute?!

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