2 twin babies left with little dog in inflatable pool. Watch as the hilarity ensues

What a hilarious and cute moment caught on camera!


Twins are having the time of their life watching the family dog jumping up and down in hopes of reaching the treat mommy has for him. The Pomeranian puppy and the babies are placed in an inflatable poll. Luckily, the poll is empty, otherwise, the excited jumping dog would split the water all over the place.

The laughter of the babies is simply contagious and they can’t get enough of the funny family dog.

Pomeranians are considered to be perky, friendly little dogs that are very good with children. However, young children should be cautioned that these are small dogs and are not as sturdy as some large breeds, which means they should be treated gently.

Below is the video of the lovely twins that are fascinated by their pet dog.

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