2 Pups Muzzled With Hair Ties Found — Thanks To One Man

They cried so much when the hair ties were finally being taken off.


The two puppies had been badly mistreated.

In Wichita, Kansas on 12 September 2018, local vets had to work fast to save the two puppies who were found with their mouths sealed tight with rubber bands. Hospital director Brock Lofgreen predicted that the rubber bands had been on the puppies’ muzzles for at least 12 hours, judging by the looks of their snouts. He reassured the public that those two would be okay for now, but if they were discovered any later, the damage would have been permanent and unimaginably painful. He explains: “A lot of this tissue, if it would’ve come off here. If they lose the front part of their snout and their mouth, that doesn’t regenerate – it would be gone forever.”

Only a merely 6-weeks-old, the two puppies were chanced upon by one maintenance worker who was assigned to fix a busted pipe in the very same apartment complex they were in. After seeing the two pups, he ferried them immediately for professional help. Sarah Coffman, director of the Wichita Animal Action League, remarked: “It’s my professional opinion that this amounts to a felony animal cruelty charge. You lose a little bit of faith in humanity when you see stuff like this. We wouldn’t ever treat a human baby like this; why would we ever treat an animal baby like this?”

The Wichita Animal Action League even reported that the two poor dogs were kept in cages stained with their own feces. They also suffered tissue damage, severe swelling and urine burns on their little paws as a result. There is a great possibly that their former owners would not only have to surrender the puppies, but would also face criminal charges due to animal neglect and abuse.

Thanks to Wichita Animal Action League, these two adorable puppies have healed up very well and are currently in their foster home. The good news is that they would soon be put up for adoption – once they’re ready.

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