160-Lb Pup Proves He’s A Mush When He Sees Army Brother For First Time In Months

“Are you ready for your surprise?” Jaxson’s owner said to him, while he laid on the floor inside. But the 18-month-old Bullmastiff had no idea that this ‘surprise’ would be one of the greatest moments of his life thus far.


Dog’s love for their owners is the purest of all. These lovable creatures are the first to help when they sense something isn’t right, and are loyal beyond words; real companions you can always rely on. And what’s most, when they show you how much they care, they actually mean it.

Jaxson is a huge 18-month-old Bullmastiff who misses his human brother very much. Jason has been away for some time now because he’s in the Army, but today, he is about to give his loving dog the surprise of his life.

While Jason wasn’t home, Jaxson would sleep on a pillow wrapped in one of Jason’s T-shirts so that he could feel him closer. But he no longer has to do it because his brother is home and we can’t wait to see the dog’s reaction. 

T&T Creative Media via Inside Edition

When mom asks Jaxson whether he is ready for a surprise, he is puzzled and rushes at the front door where Jason is waiting. 

T&T Creative Media via Inside Edition

Oh my god, Jaxson just can’t contain himself, he’s running around and wagging his tail as he gives his human brother a bunch of kisses. While he’s jumping all over him he forgets he weights astounding 160 pounds. 

T&T Creative Media via Inside Edition

This has to be one of the cutest reunions of humans and their pets ever. Jaxson’s heart is as big as his size and he’s the dog everyone would ask for.

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