16-Year-Old Overcomes Fear Of Dogs To Save One Being Pelted With Rocks By School Kids

Her bravery brought her a companion for life. ❤️


Anita Valkova, a 16-year-old girl from Bulgaria, has always feared dogs. One day, however, she spotted a vulnerable and obviously very sick dog at the school’s playground. Some of the kids threw rocks at the scared animal that was all covered in blood, and it broke Anita’s heart.

She confronted them and wanted to help the animal badly, but she didn’t know how as she was scared to approach it. When she asked her parents to step in, they told her to leave the dog alone and weren’t willing to help her save it.

But this amazing young girl wouldn’t let the poor soul suffer any longer so she took things into her own hands. Her bravery and dedication brought her a companion for life.

Below is Anita’s story. Make sure you read it until the end.

“She was in my school yard when I first saw her. A group of kids were throwing stones at her and when I saw this little pooch all covered in blood, I knew I had to take action.

I called my mom, grandpa, grandma and they all said that we can’t do anything about it and I should just let it go but I couldn’t do it, I had the opportunity to help and I had to do it!”


“I called my father, who I don’t usually talk to, and he said he’d be able to come in two hours. I sat next to her in the cold for over two hours waiting for my father to come. When he did, he handed me a blanket and told me to catch her and bring her to the vet on foot because he wouldn’t let her in his car.

I chased her around for about 5 minutes and we managed to corner her and wrap her in the blanket. A friend of mine helped me carry her to the vet while my dad drove and waited for us there.”


“We got to the vet and they took her, cleaned her wounds and gave her antibiotics. She had demodicosis.

The next day my mom came to see her and I managed to convince her to keep her with the help of the vets.”


“Her treatment was very expensive, we had to borrow money to be able to get her medicine. We’re not very rich, I live in a small apartment with my mom and grandparents, and a cat.”


“We were able to take her home on the 30th of December 2015. I gave her a bath, we were both very scared, she of the water and I of her biting me. After I dried her fur she got her claim on my bed.”


“She’s my dog now. Everyone at home loved her once they met her. It is hard sometimes since she doesn’t have much space to run but I’ll be moving out soon with my mom and possibly in a house so I’m hopeful that she’ll get her space. We’re compensating with long walks and there’s a fenced area where we let her off leash so she can run and play with other doggies.”


“I’ve always been scared of dogs. But I couldn’t leave a creature to suffer when I could help. I hope this story gives you hope and inspiration to be a better person and help with anything you can.”


Alfeiya was lucky enough to be spotted by someone kind like Anita. Their encounter changed both the lives of the dog and the teenager.

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