14-year-old did the worse thing possible one week after his dog was put to sleep


When you have a dog that has been your pet your whole life it’s hard to say goodbye.  This  14-year-old boy he just didn’t know how to cope without him. Tilly was his best friend.

Seb Morris was known as a sporty and popular boy helped around the house and was very loving, but his mom found him dead last November .

His mom told the officers this story:

“It was very upsetting for Seb. We got Tilly when he was four years old, so he’d never known life without her …She was his best friend, he spent a lot of time with her.”

“We buried her in the back garden, and on the day we buried her he slept for an hour in a chair beside her, with his headphones on listening to music.”

“He also slept with her blanket for the first couple of nights, but then stopped that …He said it was too soon, and we didn’t give her enough of a chance to get better.”


“At around 10 am on Saturday, November 18, I took my two younger daughters to a party …Just before leaving the house I popped my head around the door of Seb’s room to see if he was okay.”

“He was still in bed in his pajamas, playing on the iPad. He seemed okay, there was nothing out of the ordinary.”

Claire returned home about 12.30 pm and called up to her son, but had no reply, she thought nothing of it, that he had perhaps gone out with friends.

She states:

“I puttered around the kitchen making lunch, and then I noticed that his shoes were by the back door …I went up the stairs to see if he wanted some lunch. The door was ajar so I pushed it open and ran into his bedroom.”

“I was screaming, so my daughter ran to get our neighbor. I was also on the phone to my partner, Paul, the whole time, and he rang the ambulance.”

Before it happened she said that:

“He was play-fighting with Paul in the kitchen, the way he usually does, and he seemed fine when he went to bed. I had no concerns about his welfare.”

There were two occasions in March 2017, Seb had taken tablets.

Dr. Eamon Barthakur, at Creech Medical Center, said they weren’t aware of Seb having any sort of mental health problems until April 10, when he was informed that Claire had attempted to call the hospital for help.

Concluding the inquest, Mr. Williams said:

“I am satisfied that the cause of Seb’s death was hanging – but I don’t have any other evidence with regard to his intentions …I, therefore, record a short narrative conclusion.”

“The evidence is not sufficient to lead me to further conclusion, and has not disclosed the means by which the cause of Seb’s death arose.”

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family…

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