14-Year-Old Boy Cries When Missing Dog Finally Returns Home

April picked her son up from school, but he had no idea who was waiting for him inside the car.


After his sweet pug died when he was very young, a boy named Carter never stopped dreaming of ever owning another dog. His mom April knew just how much Carter wanted a dog so she decided to make his wish come true.

The new dog, which was a pug just like Carter’s first dog, got the name Piper and he was the cutest and the best pet the family could ask for.

Sadly, just before Thanksgiving Piper went missing after they let him in the garden. The whole family was devastated. They looked for him everywhere but Piper was nowhere to be seen.

However, Carter and his sister Natalie never lost hope and never really stopped looking for their loving dog.

One day, just as they started losing hope of ever seeing Piper again, April got a call from the local animal shelter. They told her how someone found the dog and brought him there. This was great news and April couldn’t wait to tell her son. Or better, she surprised him in the cutest way possible.

She went to pick him from school and the boy had no idea who was waiting for him in the car. He got to reunite with his lost dog just before Christmas.

We are sure this holiday season was jolly for this cute family.

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